View Full Version : MultiFrame Image slideshow IE

02-19-2005, 08:49 AM

I have had a few goes at setting up a 6 frame horizontal slide show, with 90 images and I am stuck on my 3rd attemp. I am using the Jave script above.

I have quite a few questions.

1) I can only see images when they are in the root folder. I had no luck changing the image name from:
seqslides[0]=["Tiny002.gif", "http://www.platinum..."]
seqslides[0]=["/Images/Thumbs/Tiny002.gif", "http://www.platinum..."]

Any ideas? I tried to adapt another code (from my drop down menu), which points to a seperate folder for the script, but I am not sure if that could work here.

2) I have 90 images and 6 slides. At the moment the first 6 are switching off and on - nothing else. There are no other images being shown.

3) I have 6 static links - with the 6 photos that show and not 90 as I had hoped.

4) The slide show is positioned well but is there a way I can remove all gaps. I have 6 photos sitting statically in place of where the slide show should go and they have no gaps. That is, the formatting problem is not in the HTML

5) Should I use another script? What I essentially would like, is 6 seperate or 1 combined slide show to show 90 photos, to be used as a navigation point that directs people to 90 linked pages. I would like them to swap one to the next without reducing opacity. If possible I'd also like to keep the table formatting as 6 seperate boxes. All photos are the same size.

6) Does having 6 sets of java - in 6 seperate slide show boxes make the page load too slow? Should I do that instead?


I know these are probably basic questions with long answers needed, but I am really keen to get this right and although I don't know much, I will take any advice and put it into practice and let you know how it goes.