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02-21-2007, 08:23 AM
Will someone please help me!!

I have a site that uses SSL(https://www.something.com). On this page, I want to be able to modify a link that has an https to point back to my non-secure home page that doesn't load any of the secure contents but just my home page. My home page is a custom page that I designed but it doesn't need to be protected. Every link on my home page is protected except the home link. When I click any of the secured link on my home page, the site takes me to the secured page but on this secured page, the link called "HOME" points to an https. I want "home link" to point back to my non-secure home page through the site(http). In other word, for example, if I am on the order page, there a link call "Home" but by default, the link points to an https page within the site which is the orginal home page of the site. I want to be able to point this link to my non-secure custom home http:// page throughtout the site instead of the default https page of the site. Also I want to be able to change the background color of the entired https site to my own color of choice. I don't have access or permission to directly modify the code of the site. I only have ftp access to my home directory. I want to know if there is any script that I can use to meet my needs.
Thanks for your help