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02-20-2007, 12:34 AM
I need some help on pageflip. This is a very good application, but i haven't found out how can i had dynamic content to the pages.

I've already created a dynamic text box in a page and tried to insert content from an external file. But what i want is to know how can i call each page. I've tried with the instance name, but it wasn't possible. I believe, the instance name of the pages are created dynamically.

I've putted in page two this code: trace(this); and got this result:
- when i turn the cover:
- _level0.pages.flip.p2.page.pf.ph.pic
- _level0.pages.flip.p2.page.pf.ph.pic
- _level0.pages.p1.page.pf.ph.pic

- when i turn to page 3 and 4:
- _level0.pages.p1.page.pf.ph.pic
- _level0.pages.p1.page.pf.ph.pic
- _level0.pages.p1.page.pf.ph.pic
- _level0.pages.p0.page.pf.ph.pic

I'm trying to understand the logic to identify which page I'm turning, but i didn't get there yet.

Can anyone help me to understand this?

02-20-2007, 05:50 PM
Problem almost solved.

It was easy to solve this problem.

There are two vars that save the current pages: left page and right page.
And there is another var that saves the current page number.

so the answer was that simple as:
- leftPage.text = page;
- rightPage.text = page+1;

However this vars is only when the page stops flipping, and not while it is flipping. In this case, the page number that i'm inserting in a dynamic text box only appears when the page stops flipping. Now i'm searching a way of the page numbers also appears when the page is flipping.

If anyone knows this, it would be a good help.