View Full Version : Bookmarklet Coolness - CSS Class Finder

02-18-2007, 05:01 AM
Hi there. i found this bookmarklet thing... actually a handfull of them somewhere (i'll look for the "main link" in the meantime so i can post it here).

my question is this: this thing is awesome for locating the "CSS CLasses", but what about ID's? i'd love it if i had a similar funtion for locating id's. i tried to modify this thing, but it didn't work. it was totally a guess, so i wasn't surprised, but maybe it's not possible? (maybe that's why there wasn't an "ID Info" bookmarklet next to this one)


hey, i found the goovy link. it's right here:

in Seamonkey / Firefox, it reminds me more of the way Opera's "custom Buttons", or the Opera Web Dev Toolbar works-- very convenient, and MUCH more "lightweight" than your typical "FF xpi", IMHO