View Full Version : Dynamic Drive + Anchor Links???

Ava Control
02-14-2005, 11:07 PM
I posted this in another forum but b/c it's about a Dynamic Drive script I think it actually belongs here...

Hi there, I'm VERY new to webdesign, and I don't really know ANYTHING about Java, but a friend of mine gave me a javascript (from Dynamic Drive, he told me) for my page that allows the text to scroll without a scrollbar. I love it and it looks great, but now the HTML anchor links I'd had in the text won't work. Is there some kind of java anchor link... thing... that I could use instead?

The relevant script is here: http://www.theimmortalityproject.co.../frontpage.html

Go to Media and then Photos, and you'll see it. You'll also see that while it looks great, it's not really useful unless I can do some kind of anchor link (at least, I think it's not).

Please, if this just doesn't exist, someone tell me so I can give up.

Thanks in advance for your help!

<3 Ava