View Full Version : Expand Collapse Fameset

09-21-2004, 10:14 PM
I need help!

I found this script for "ANIMATED WINDOW" on Dynamic Drive.

As I am not an javascript programmer - I was hoping someone might be able to adapt / combine the expanding window script with the attached - FRAMESET script also from Dynamic Drive.

The Frameset expand collaps code works fine -* see attached zip folder.

However I want to control the SPEED of the opening and closing as per the ANIMATED WINDOW script

The function should get the current frameset height from the PARENT and then step the opening until the SET framest height is achieved.

please see : <a href="#" onClick="javascript:parent.resizeFrame('5,*')">* in "main.htm"

As you can see from the example the one <a href"#" > open and closes the frameset.

This would mean that the javascript would have to dynamically* increase or decrease the frameset value based on the current state.



I have included javascript for "ANIMATED WINDOW" in my file "frameset.js" for easy reference.

any help appreciated