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02-09-2007, 12:04 PM
I recently added a calendar script on my page and when I was tring to my broswer showed me (just below the tool bar)" this page contains Active x that may harm your computer. What is active x. I just had added calender script that was of no harm?? How I can make it run on the visitors page without such warning????? I need to know about Active x control also......:)

02-09-2007, 05:43 PM
That only happens locally, as a security measure. As far as IE is concerned, javascript is ActiveX. Click on the bar and click on allow and click on yes. Once your page is live, this will not happen. You can also give your page 'the mark of the web'. That way (in most cases) it will not display the security bar locally either. Put this right after your <html> tag like so:

<!-- saved from url=(0014)about:internet -->
<!-- this and above comment should be removed for live, non-demo use -->

But, navigating away from the page to another local page, or including another local page on it via a frame or an iframe can be problematical if said page does not also have 'the mark of the web' on it.

02-09-2007, 07:06 PM
Do you have any other info on that method as I've never seen it before.
Does it just trick IE into thinking page is from the net?

02-09-2007, 07:36 PM
Right, that's all it does and yes, I have a bit more information. If you save a page from the web using IE's save as web page complete, it will add 'the mark of the web' to the page so that it has a better chance of being viewed locally as it was viewed on the web. I can also say that the number:


must correspond to the number of characters in the URL listed in the comment. Further the second comment is just my idea, as a reminder to folks to remove it before uploading. Keeping those comments there when going live probably won't hurt anything but, it certainly does no good.

If there is more information available about 'the mark of the web' you can probably find it using Google and/or in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

02-10-2007, 05:58 AM
This was good piece of information sir!! thanks a lot!!