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01-31-2007, 11:24 AM
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Top Navigational Bar IV
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I was using first Top Navigational Bar II, but it didn't function in IE7, Mozilla etc..., so I tried Top Navigational Bar III, and it didn't function in Mozilla as well, so I found a thread in the forum about Top Navigational Bar IV, and I used it....It seems function on most.
but my actuel problem is about the size of the menu in Mozilla Firefox.
In the configuration file "menu_array.js", I set the Menus width in pixels at "98" and this value is just the value adapted to the size of my table, and ok in IE.
But in Mozilla, this value is not adapted and the total is a liltle larger than in IE, and it oversizes on each border.
do you know how to fix this ?

other question about this value "Menus width in pixels" : it means all the menus have the same size in the main and total menu, do you know how to set different sizes for each menus ?