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01-16-2007, 10:30 AM
Aiiieeeeeee! :eek:

Ok, I give up banging my head on this and now seek advice with head bowed in submission...

I have a couple test pages up for a final CSS gallery design based on code I obtained in this site's library, and I've got a bug or two I can't work out. First, here's the relevant code:

http://www.lilymoonstorm.com/stylin_test.css (gallery stuff is at the bottom)

If I view the test page in the latest beta Firefox, the scrolling list of thumbnails, which is supposed to be UNDER the photo pop-up (pops up on :hover), is actually appearing off to the right, and I don't know how to get Firefox to put it underneath; it should do this automatically, since it's busting out of the side of the container!? grrr Oh, and "bottomRight" (the purple wrapping graphic) is not appearing in the right place??? IE puts it in the right place.

Then, if you view the test page in the latest IE, the thumb gallery appears in the correct place, as is "bottomRight," but where are the photos popping up? I suspect maybe they are popping up outside of the container of the scrolling list (as they are designed to) but are not visible, according to how IE does things, whereas Firefox just slaps it on top of everything (as it should since z-index: 50; )? At least if I style it:

.gallerycontainer{float: left;}

then it appears at 0px,0px of the entire page (in both browsers.) Wrong place, but at least it appears.

Anyway, I'm frustrated! Ugh, I spent all weekend on this and didn't end up with doo-doo to show my friend... o.O

thanks for any help!


01-18-2007, 08:47 AM
Update: I used positioning to force the elements into the right place in Firefox (they should fall in place naturally if the CSS is done correctly, right?) but it looks even worse in IE now.

And still the purple container graphic "bottomRight" is not in the right place in Firefox, and still there are no pop-ups visible in IE.

I think it's got to be something wrong with my class .thumbscroller. :(

Well, thanks to anybody who takes enough of an interest to even look...

*depressed sigh*