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01-14-2007, 09:24 PM
not sure if this note been passed through? but thought it was needed when i came across this script since i been a vistor for a long time and i remember when the script first was posted up and well after taking a break from viewing the site and looking around to see what has changed, i found the Chromeless window (v3.5) to work fine in Windows XP SP1 Np. I don't recall the last time used the script in SP1, so if my info seems a bit off, sorry.

I run a Windows XP Home Edition with SP2 now but befor the SP2 and after the SP2 came out ( i did not switch right away) I found the script to work with no errors on my end and the problem the note on the page states, does not happen.

Also i found the script to work fine in web browers that does not use tabs. (I don't use browers with tabs) With tabs it pops up as a new tab. Compatibility = NS6= Meaning Netscape? Netscape Recent version. the Chromless window will open up as a New Tab. I used to use Firefox but i'll test it and update what i found for Firefox.
Netscape Tabs operate different from the newest version of IE, while IE still opens it as a pop up window as it shows it to be and basicly what the code is suppose to do. does not the same in NS = Netscape?.

However its good to add the SP2 did kill the effect of the Chromeless window. where in old SP1 where the window was fully controled by codeing, SP2 now adds a outside window around what suppose to be chromeless basic window adding a full size option and a x button where it did not for the longest time. I say this update came with the SP2 and reason is because my ISP browser (non-tabs) shows this and so does IE. again not 100% sure if its because of the SP2 or the if its because the browers being updated.

I'll be working to find a way around this code by testing it on other browers and custom browers also. I really did like this one and i'd hate to see it taken down off the site. Maybe a suggestion is to place it in a section by its self? so while it may not work as everyone would want it to, a chance may happen at anytime that a browser may still support it? unless websites go as far as offering a custom browser that supports everything on one site ? that be nice ^_^

If this topic has already been talked about or the webmasters been informed already of such 'cases' then sorry to have wasted anyone as a readers time to read my post. I felt it was needed to pass on my info on the script use from personal experince. i hope it helps

01-14-2007, 09:54 PM
Why not Mesh the effect of Chromless in to a DHTML Window Script? like the one found here:

idea for scripters that have a idea of how to do it, not sure if it can be done. not too well familiar with DHTML. still a n00b my self when it comes to DHTML ><