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01-11-2007, 09:57 AM
Hi All,

I have got a task which was done in table tags which i will explain below:

<table width=100% (always)>
<table align= center/left/right) width=(100%/50%/)>
<td> test1 </td>
<td> put td tag in loop</td>

Now to explain this, when user choose inner table value as stretch to 100%, the content is shows as
|a b c|

when center and stretched

content is shown
| abc |

my question is how to handle such situation in DIV tags

becoz the moment we stretch the DIV tag to 100%, the content does not move where as in table case the data will scatter the moment it is made 10% to 100%.

hope the question would be clear, expect reply soon from all, thanks.

01-11-2007, 04:54 PM

I feel most of the ppl were not able to understand my naure of problem faced using css and div.

I put this way. As i have come up with one solun but need your help or alternative idea.

<div style="width:100%; background-color:red; word-spacing:20px;">
<ul style="margin:0px">
<li style="display:inline; margin-left:0px;"> abc</li>
<li style="display:inline; margin-left:0px;"> sdslkadjadsa</li>
<li style="display:inline; margin-left:0px;">asasasa</li>

the o/p is this way

|abc sdslkadjadsa asasasa |

So here was the o/p.

Now my query is that

a) is this the right approch to get this kind of o/p?

b) In this case if the o/p was developed in table then, as on we increase the data in any td it will still accomodate other tds. But in above case if i increase the text in any of <li> or increase more <li>, after a point they will make a another row but will not adjust the empty space. So, any help how can i have that or any better idea to get it.

req urgent help.