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02-06-2005, 03:00 PM
Switch Menu

I'm trying to edit this script so I can use a horizontal navigation bar, instead of the vertical one. Also, I don't want the boxes around the text.

I only want one link to have the additional menu, but it won't allow me to have that particular link on the same line as the rest of the links.

I know this is a pretty bad description, so i'll include what I have so far for the navigation.


As you can see, the rants part won't stay on the same line as the rest of the links. If I remove the div tag, it makes the rest of the links bring up the menu when I click them.

Anyone know how I can fix this problem?

I'm on yahoo, if anyone wants to help via that (shes_bad_bad_badass) or i'll be checking this thread.

Thanks so much in advance.