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01-05-2007, 04:42 PM
hey everyone, i have a multiple form page that i am trying to store all the information for and eventually send an e-mail
right now i have all of the forms displaying in one page but i am unable to set the variables because i am passing the information from each form using "GET." after one form is processed the values become stored as part of the URL, so i was wondering if i could possibly extract those values and send them through mail? sorry if it sounds crazy im new at this and have ideas LOL

foreach($_GET as $key => $var) {
$_SESSION[$key] = $var;
IF (!isset($_GET['step'])) {
include "ListInfo.php";}
ELSEIF ($_GET['step'] == 2){
include "OptServices.php";}
ELSEIF ($_GET['step'] == 3){
include "ContInfo.php";}
ELSEIF ($_GET['step'] == 4){
include "BillInfo.php";}
ELSEIF ($_GET['step'] == 5){
include "Survey.php";}
ELSEIF ($_GET['step'] == 6){
include "Terms.php";