View Full Version : The (sliding) hidden and open text box...

01-04-2007, 10:09 AM
Hi All,

I just have a little question to ask.

I wonder how to do the sliding hidden and open text box like:

If you go to Youtube.com and look at the forum board, when you click on "Post text comment" or "reply" or "discard", there shows a textbox or close a textbox without having to load another page.

I have been trying many ways such as CSS and some javascript but the results were not good enough :(

I'm not sure if this Javascript or DHTML or other?

Please anyone let me know, and if you know a good open source to be suggested, that would be very thankfull :)

Many Thanks!


P.S I'm not sure if I'm posting this at the right forum (as I dont know what the technich is), if wrong, I'm sorry, please also let me know, thanks.