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02-05-2005, 01:31 PM
guys i have problems in javascript open new custom size windows. my website has about 15 javascript "open link in new window" everytime visitors clicked on links they just open in one window, meaaning to say windows only open in one window even they have their own respective sizes..

he code i am using is:

<A HREF="javascript:void(0)"onclick="window.open('http://mydomain.com//filename.htm/','linkname','height=230, width=200,scrollbars=no')" style="text-decoration: none">

02-05-2005, 07:19 PM
Hmmm I'm confused- what's your question? BTW a really helpful page on the Window object of JavaScript and using it to open a custom window is: http://www.javascriptkit.com/jsref/window.shtml

02-06-2005, 04:55 AM
yea thanks and sorry got some spelling and grammar error the last time..
thanks for the link also..
i hope you can still answer my question. its about like this.. a link to a javascript window is 500x270 (widht and height) and another is 400x300.. when someone click on the window 500x270, of course it will open there's no problem in it the problem is when they didn't close the 500x270 window and clicked another link which has 400x300 window, that window will open in 500x270 meaning to say it opened on the previous window so the specific size which was 400x300 was not executed..
thanks and hoping for more replies..