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Bernie Kruger
12-29-2006, 07:55 PM
I have used the image galley viewer from dynamic drive but find that my pages are still slow.

I have deselected the preload images to "no", furthermore, all my images are 40k or less. Testing the site on ADSL, I wonder how slow it wil be with a dial-up 48-56k.

I am using frontpage 2003 and the only built-in feature I am using is the interactive buttons.

My page is in 2 frames

Here are my questions.

1. The menu I used in the left frame but I had to delete the expand/shrink option as it does not work in frames. I also had to disable the cookie remebering the last state of the user selection. Fixes please

2. I publish using a FTP program and usually I do not upload the _vti_cnf folders, do they do anything useful?

3.The mouse-over galleries image view script. When the pre-load images is enabled, there is a noticeable delay of 15-20 seconds while images pre-download,the thumbnails only appear after the download is complete.

Is there a way to declare the pre-download after the thumbnails have loaded in other words while the user is reviewing the text, can these perhaps download in the background?

to see my page visit http://www.cataloguing.co.za/lbk

Select renovations and the worktops. All my galleries use the same script but are on separate pages.


is a fast site click on image and you will see the type of response I am looking for.

Just point me in the right direction


12-30-2006, 12:08 AM
Frames and nested tables (particularly those containing images) slow page loads.