View Full Version : Rollover (Double or Triple)

12-27-2006, 10:03 PM
i need a good solution for a rollover image. might be very simple for you guys, but i use web design rarely so i'm not at routine. i'd be very thankful for a good solution.

the effect works like this:

- there is one main image (let's call it "image1") that is immediatly and always visible and when you go over it with the cursor it activates the rollover-effect on another image (let's call it "image2"). "image1" always stays the same, it doesn't really have a rollover effect but it affects the effect on "image2" that changes. also next to the small "image2" is also a text (link), but that text only appears with the rollover effect.

the rollover effect on "image2" & "text" next to it isn't only triggered by going over "image1" but also when you go over the small "image2". also when you go over the area where the link appears it should trigger it but that area should be a little extended to give the user room for navigation, so he doesn't need to go precisely over either "image2" or the exact text kerning.


any idea how to achieve this (hope it doesn't sound more complicated than it is)?