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12-24-2006, 12:29 AM
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Tab Content Script
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G'day all,

My problem is intermittant functioning of this script.
I am calling content onto a page via ajax and am wishing to display some of this content in the tabbed content pages. The ajax call works perfectly and I have used the excellent article http://www.dynamicdrive.com/forums/showthread.php?p=52616#post52616
to get the loaded javascript to operate.

The problem is that the tab contents fails to display on initial loading of the ajax content. You need to click on a tab then reload the ajax content then it works perfectly.?? Sometimes it will then work fine if another ajax content page is loaded smetimes not.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks and Merry Xmas.

12-26-2006, 11:39 AM
solved as i'm an idiot. Thanks. applied the trigger to the incorrect element.