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12-17-2006, 06:47 PM

I have wrote my own quiz with answers and I need one script - showing answers. I mean, that if I check correct answer over button "Next question" script show me information about good answer, but not in new window, only over button "Next question". The same if I choose incorrect answer, but then script show me info about incorrect answer. I've seen it on one site, but I don't remember where, but in script was "function.checkAnswer" and many others.

Hope you help me and here is the code of my quiz:

<td class="text" align="left">
<b><font SIZE="3"><center>Quiz</center></font></B><br></b>
<b>14. This site is:</b>
<br><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="answer" VALUE="1"> good
<br><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="answer" VALUE="2"> bad
<br><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="answer" VALUE="3"> i don't know
<br><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="answer" VALUE="4"> great
<br><form><input TYPE="button" VALUE="Next question" onClick="parent.location.href='quiz15.html'"></FORM>

And sorry for my bad english, i'm from Poland.

12-18-2006, 05:23 AM
maybe u can look a look at this thread, it also regarding Q&A.