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12-17-2006, 05:05 PM
I have a good file attachment script which when used with a form allows you to email someone with a file attached.

However i would like to be able to use a form to email someone with an attachment already sitting on the server.

For example i have a page where i upload my cv.doc file to the server, and another page where i email people. I would like to use that same cv.doc that is already sitting on the server and email people when i please.

the script i have emailing an attachment is the following, can anyone help me modify it so i dont have to upload the cv everytime i email some one.

Response.Buffer = true
Function BuildUpload(RequestBin)
'Get the boundary
PosBeg = 1
PosEnd = InstrB(PosBeg,RequestBin,getByteString(chr(13)))
boundary = MidB(RequestBin,PosBeg,PosEnd-PosBeg)
boundaryPos = InstrB(1,RequestBin,boundary)
'Get all data inside the boundaries
Do until (boundaryPos=InstrB(RequestBin,boundary & getByteString("--")))
'Members variable of objects are put in a dictionary object
Dim UploadControl
Set UploadControl = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
'Get an object name
Pos = InstrB(BoundaryPos,RequestBin,getByteString("Content-Disposition"))
Pos = InstrB(Pos,RequestBin,getByteString("name="))
PosBeg = Pos+6
PosEnd = InstrB(PosBeg,RequestBin,getByteString(chr(34)))
Name = getString(MidB(RequestBin,PosBeg,PosEnd-PosBeg))
PosFile = InstrB(BoundaryPos,RequestBin,getByteString("filename="))
PosBound = InstrB(PosEnd,RequestBin,boundary)
'Test if object is of file type
If PosFile<>0 AND (PosFile<PosBound) Then
'Get Filename, content-type and content of file
PosBeg = PosFile + 10
PosEnd = InstrB(PosBeg,RequestBin,getByteString(chr(34)))
FileName = getString(MidB(RequestBin,PosBeg,PosEnd-PosBeg))
'Add filename to dictionary object
UploadControl.Add "FileName", FileName
Pos = InstrB(PosEnd,RequestBin,getByteString("Content-Type:"))
PosBeg = Pos+14
PosEnd = InstrB(PosBeg,RequestBin,getByteString(chr(13)))
'Add content-type to dictionary object
ContentType = getString(MidB(RequestBin,PosBeg,PosEnd-PosBeg))
UploadControl.Add "ContentType",ContentType
'Get content of object
PosBeg = PosEnd+4
PosEnd = InstrB(PosBeg,RequestBin,boundary)-2
Value = MidB(RequestBin,PosBeg,PosEnd-PosBeg)
'Get content of object
Pos = InstrB(Pos,RequestBin,getByteString(chr(13)))
PosBeg = Pos+4
PosEnd = InstrB(PosBeg,RequestBin,boundary)-2
Value = getString(MidB(RequestBin,PosBeg,PosEnd-PosBeg))
End If
UploadControl.Add "Value" , Value
UploadRequest.Add name, UploadControl
End Function

Function getByteString(StringStr)
For i = 1 to Len(StringStr)
char = Mid(StringStr,i,1)
getByteString = getByteString & chrB(AscB(char))
End Function

Function getString(StringBin)
getString =""
For intCount = 1 to LenB(StringBin)
getString = getString & chr(AscB(MidB(StringBin,intCount,1)))
End Function

byteCount = Request.TotalBytes

RequestBin = Request.BinaryRead(byteCount)

Set UploadRequest = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")


If UploadRequest.Item("blob").Item("Value") <> "" Then

contentType = UploadRequest.Item("blob").Item("ContentType")
filepathname = UploadRequest.Item("blob").Item("FileName")
filename = Right(filepathname,Len(filepathname)-InstrRev(filepathname,"\"))
FolderName = UploadRequest.Item("where").Item("Value")
'Response.Write "FolderName: " & FolderName & "<BR>"
Path = Mid(Request.ServerVariables("PATH_TRANSLATED"), 1, Len(Request.ServerVariables("PATH_TRANSLATED")) - Len(Request.ServerVariables("PATH_INFO"))) & "\"
'Response.Write "Path:" & Path & "<BR>"
ToFolder = Path & "\" & FolderName
value = UploadRequest.Item("blob").Item("Value")
filename = ToFolder & "\" & filename
Set MyFileObject = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objFile = MyFileObject.CreateTextFile(filename)
'Response.Write "Saved Path: " & filename
For i = 1 to LenB(value)
objFile.Write chr(AscB(MidB(value,i,1)))
Set objFile = Nothing
Set MyFileObject = Nothing
End If

MyCover = UploadRequest.Item("CoverLetter").Item("Value")

Set UploadRequest = Nothing

Set ObjCDOMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

ObjCDOMail.From = "test@test.com"
ObjCDOMail.To = "test@test.com"
ObjCDOMail.BodyFormat = 1
ObjCDOmail.Mailformat = 1
ObjCDOMail.Subject = "Test Recruitment Enquiry"

'Start of email
MyBody = "Cover letter: "
MyBody = MyBody & MyCover & vbCrLf

'heres an if statement to chk for an attachment
' I am sure theres another way but this does the job fine
If Len(filename) > 5 then
objCDOMail.AttachFile filename,nikfile
end if

ObjCDOMail.Body= MyBody
set ObjCDOMail=nothing

Response.Write "your mail has been sent"