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12-15-2006, 08:57 PM
Here is my problem: On a page of my site, http://www.wideworldofhockey.com/Sponsors/index.htm, I have several dropdown boxes ready to code. I have successfully coded many others throughout the site (on the 'Leagues" pages).

On this "Sponsors" page, I want a dropdown box under 'Sports Medicine". I actually want the first entry to say "Select a Specialty". When a visitor hovers their mouse over "Select a Specialty", I want a "dropdown" box to appear, listing, for example, "Chiropractors", "Orthodontists", "Physical Therapists", etc., as "options in the menu. I don't want thes "category" titles to be "selectable" ("clickable").

When a visitor hovers over, for example, "Chiropractors", I want a dropdown box to appear, listing names of chiropractors, off to the "right" of the initial dropdown. In this new dropdown, the visitor can select any of the "chiropractors" I code "options" for, with the appropriate hyperlinks.

Then, if the visitor moves the mouse toward the second option in the first menu (in this case, "orthodontists"), the dropdown of "Chiropractors" should disappear, so that the visitor will only see one "popped-out to the right" dropdown.

Here's what I mean:

Select a Specialty
Chiropractors Chiropractor 1
Chiropractor 2
Chiropractor 3
Orthodontists Orthodontist 1
Orthodontist 2
Orthodontist 3
Physical Therapists Physical Therapist 1
Physical Therapist 2

Remember, once a visitor gets the "Chiropractor 1,2, and 3 dropdown to appear to the right, as soon as he moves the mouse out of that dropdown, toward another option in the main dropdown (for example, "Orthodontists"), I want all of the displayed "chiropractors" to disappear from the screen.

I am trying to get "sponsors" for my web site, since it is doing so great in search engines for many keywords (for example, a generic "hockey stores"). I just need the capability of having a multi-level, vertical-column, dropdown box.

Thanks in advance for any sample HTML.

Tom Hupfeld