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12-12-2006, 06:57 PM
I have a website I created for a group my sister runs.
She isn't very computer literate.
I want a way where I could let her update her news page by simply going to a page I create for her and having her type in her message and hit Submit.

I've used things like newspro and coranto in the past but implementing it on her web space might be difficult because its a .mac page and I'm not quite sure what the absolute path to Perl would be OR if her page even supports cgi.

Eventually, I'd hope to make it so she could even format the text she's putting in and view old posts and update/delete them.

If you could point me in the right direction, I'm capable of HTML, Java, probably CSS and Javascript if I wanted to... Visual C++ but I don't see how that would help.

Let me know what might be a good language to work on this in and what would be required of her webspace.


12-12-2006, 07:18 PM
using a CMS (content management system) is the way to go, either built by you or using a professional package.

I am not familiar with newspro or coranto, but those sound right.

As for her system, I can't tell you. Basically, some sort of CGI, be it PHP, general CGI, etc. processor must be installed on the server for server side code like this to work.

Using PHP to code a very simple page like you desibe would not be hard either. You could use a database or a text file that would be editable through a password protected admin page. However, I'm not sure of the advantage over a professional package, though it would work the same if coded properly... just would be a bit more work.

12-18-2006, 09:22 PM
What professional packages would you recomend?

12-18-2006, 10:07 PM
That depends on your price range and what features you need. I haven't used anything myself, so I'm not sure. I know there are some free things out there, but I don't know if they have all the features/stability/security of the more expensive ones, since I've never used any of them.

12-19-2006, 10:27 PM
or you could create your own.. learn a bit of mysql and php.. (easy peasy stuff really once you know the basics) - and build your own system.. and you get to feel proud at the end of it :)

If you want any more about this sort of stuff.. let me know :)