View Full Version : Random Iframe content in Firefox?

11-26-2006, 06:59 PM
Random Iframe Content

Hello this is my first post in the forums
I hope I will do this right.

here is my implemented script: http://www.bezbox.com

The demo in the dynamicdrive script page work fine in firefox
but at the same time it's written that it dose not support firefox?
but wait, if you look at the top right corner of the page
you would see it says that is does support firefox??

The script work fine in all my IE 5 6 and 7.
but it wont work in Firefox?

After searching the forums I haven't noticed anyone with that problem,
I saw people with other problem in firefox but no one said that the scrip
just don't work.

I am really new to this kind of stuff so maybe I missed something
but I did not notice any explantion of where and how to place the script,
so I placed the script as it is, inside the head tag of my index
and gave the Iframe my desired attributes.

All I need from this script is to act as a random welcome screen
for my site, simple, I think.

Please help me,

I just found my problem,
I had an old script of dragging a layer which I did not need (lucky me!!!)
so I deleted it and now it works perfect.
It was pure luck!
thanks anyway.