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11-22-2006, 05:53 AM
Hi guys,
I have a doubt which i want to get cleared.

I am having a rich client web application having script files of about 1.7 MB. What i have done is while loading the first page i am loading all the scripts and there after no scripts will get loaded and the pages will use the previously loaded scripts [Since the whole application is AJAX based]

Now i have reduced the size in all the pages but i am not able to avoid the loading time of the first page also in normal net systems it is taking almost 3 minutes to load the first page.

Is this idea possible :

My idea to improve this is to load the js files in the local hard disk of the client for the first time of using the application and load the js from the local hard disk when loading for the further times

Thanks and Regards,
Sivakumar L