View Full Version : Help, Images instead on numbers on fly

01-26-2005, 07:44 PM

I need to show images on fly instead of numbers...
So I have a form only with "Cancel" button which returns nothing.
<form onSubmit="ClearForm();return false;>
And there are couples of fields for entering numbers. Each field has onChange="UpdateSum() which just sum all them together.

As a result I have a total field (it can be variable too). So every time when user types or changes number in any of those fields - total is dynamically updated without submitting the form.
No problem here.

Then I'm parsing the total and have the variable which contains the html code for all images.

So I need to display images somewhere at the bottom of the page.
And here I'm stuck. document.write() if executed from function clears the screen and displaying my images in the left top corner (here nothing I can do). If I put document.write() somewhere in the html - it displays images only the first time(based on default numbers) when page was loaded.

The final words: field value changes, total changes - display the corresponding images based on total. It's like a counter but instead of text numbers I need images. BUT without submitting the form.

Help please,