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11-14-2006, 07:48 AM
hi guys...long live for the computer programmer...

i want to ask some questions, did guys ever heard, saw or may be making an online payment with PHP. if does, how did you guys do it ? is there any special function in PHP to do that kind operation or we need to use third party element for this action or anything else..

Please tell something about it...cause i really need this kind of information, because i'm a freshmen in PHP and need a lot of practises and knowledge, especially from you guys...

Thank You very much for your answers... :)

11-14-2006, 09:31 AM
I would definitely recommend a 3rd party element.
The thing is.... anything you make will surely have security holes.
Are you even prepared to handle credit cards?
When it comes to money, it's almost just stupid to try to code something yourself.... I see it as just asking for trouble.
It's plenty possible in php... but I just wouldn't risk it, personally.
I'd use a secure system that is available.
You host might have some options and there are third party "stores" that you can use. I don't know how many/if any are available for free, but you're making money anyway, so what's the harm of a small fee?
You could also just use paypal or something. That doesn't look too good, but it gets the job done. You could use php in addition to keep track of orders and such.

It's complex... not so much from the coding side, but about security and possible flaws, as well as just scale.

If you DO want to try yourself, here's a good tutorial for basic stuff--

Good luck.

11-14-2006, 10:21 AM
Hmmm i think it would be helpful for you to dissect some open source shopping cart application like osCommerce (http://www.oscommerce.com) rather than developing one from scratch.

It is possible to develop but it is better to use a better developed and tested software always.

11-14-2006, 12:22 PM
I'd always suggest trying yourself, except that it is so important to deal with security when it comes to money.

Using an example might help, but do be aware of copyright issues, as they exist with each situation.