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11-07-2006, 08:20 PM
can anyone help me with this? i have no knowledge of coding with html or anything like that. i have been using yahoo sitebuilder since i started my site and i desperately need help. what i am looking for is this:

visitor puts cursor over a link with an arrow beside the word for the link. a list of more links drops down below that. allowing the visitor to highlight that link and clicking it to go to that page. if there is a link in that submenu with an arrow for another submenu, they will highlight that and another list pops out beside it.

here is a sample of my navigation bar:
link link link link link
one of these links will have a long list to it. and in that submenu, there might be a link with another submenu.

11-08-2006, 04:47 PM
If I'm understanding you're problem correctly (unlikely, but, w/e) you are trying to create a navigational menu that can be accessed vie mouseover. Here is a script that might help:


or http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/anylinkvertical.htm

or http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/popit.htm

11-10-2006, 01:41 PM
well, now my next question is, is how do i incorporate this code into the pages i need it at? i have the link i need this for, but i have no idea how to put this code in. the link is called "bands." which links to an alphabetical list but i want the list to pop up with a mouse-over. and then the user highlights the set of letters and then clicks it to go to that list of bands. if there are easy to understand instructions to get this type of function into yahoo sitebuilder, let me know. because i am an idiot when it comes to actually coding by hand. i know some stuff but not enough to get the job done. thanks.

i don't know if sitebuilder supports CSS or javascript. i know that sitebuilder is java based, just don't know about the other two. i know that javascript is not java since it is a microsoft product.

11-10-2006, 06:52 PM
I haven't used a sitebuilder, so I couldn't give you an absolute answer, but for the most part, I imagine that there is a section where you can put the code (i.e. head, body). It should be labelled so you can add the codes with ease... You should be able to just copy and paste the specific code into the specific target, then change the variables (so the menu will actually link).
Change the linkset variables to the URL of the page you wish to link to (as in replace <a href="http://dynamicdrive.com"> with <a href="bands.html"> or whatever the url is. The sitebuilder should accept all major scripting languages (CSS and Javascript) but I can't guarantee.

Edit: Are you talking about a seperate frame loading on mouseover, as in a semi-seperate webpage within the actual browser?

And don't worry, I cannot script by hand. I know a small amount of html, but not enough to actually make anything nice. Plus I do not know CSS or Javascript at all. That's why I come here, to learn and to receive help...