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11-06-2006, 11:57 PM
Does anyone know why a Flash menu that appeared fine in IE 6 and works fine in Firefox when firefox actually displays it, is wonky in IE 7? For some reason, it's not aligned properly until you rollover a menu choice, at which point it moves into place as the new choices appear. It doesnt move when using flash player to view it, and nothing actually moves in the flash file.

My tables are set to the right size for everything, so there should be no room for any movement.

See what I mean at www.wnstudios.ca/test/index.html (http://www.wnstudios.ca/test/index.html)

11-07-2006, 06:28 PM
I apologize for the bump, but I discovered the problem.

IE 7 doesn't seem to want to install Flash Player 9 through ActiveX on Adobe's page; It installs version 7. Since I compiled my menu for Flash Player 8, there were problems. I re-compiled it for Flash Player6r65 and now it works just dandily.. Oddly enough, even when using a stand-alone Flash Player installer to install Player 9 on IE 7, my menu would still not play right unless it was compiled for Player 6r65. That's fine though. The menu doesn't do anything that needs a super up-to-date player.

I still have a problem with Firefox not loading the menu, (actually Netscape 8.1 using the Firefox rendering engine). Player 9 is installed for it too. Don't know why it doesn't work, but I will worry about that later.

Just some info for anyone with the same problem I had.

11-08-2006, 08:52 AM
Thanks for posting your fix.

Note that you should really try to to keep your player versions to their 0.0 handlers. i.s. V6.0.0 or v7.0.0 it helps with validity and a lot of people don't do Flash updates to their players. Someone running version 6.0.0 wont see your movie, and sometimes the odd occurance will render any player but the version listed unable to play, so haveing v6.6.5 could make those with Flash Player v7 unable to see it as well.

Just something to keep in mind.

Also, you don't have to recompile the entire movie to do this, if you don't have app critical animations. You can open the HTML and find the cad number in the <object> tag should be something lke version=6.5.5 and you can change it to 5.0.0 or 7.0.0 right in the HTML there and not have to worry about much else. Just try to keep the cads to 0's :)