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11-02-2006, 05:41 AM
Hi All,

Can Flash files be amde to be Skinnable? If so how... I want to be able to make a swf give it to a client for example and if they need to change colour, backgrounds etc they can... Possible?? :rolleyes:

11-02-2006, 05:56 AM

1. Redo the flash file. Like... save again with different colors. They could do this or you could. But it would need to be with the .fla, not .swf (or they could decompile it, but that's a big pain).
2. Use buttons and such in the file to change things, like colors. Click a thing, and the background turns red. Whatever. This would be availbable to all users, though. (unless some strange security thing were used, I guess.)
3. Use an external file, like a .txt with colors, or an image. When that image is changed, the .swf would use the new image and it would be changed. It's hard to do this, though, but possible. Lots of coding.
4. The most complex way would be to add an "import skin" function to the .swf itself in which you could make a new format of file that stores "skin data"... give it a file extension of .skindata or whatever.... or just .txt perhaps. Then the .swf would take this and apply it. But... that's complex.

Perhaps using the load function (not sure if that's the full name) you could use a .txt fairly easily and import some colors or something. that's probably the best option.

11-02-2006, 10:13 AM
Agreed. And depending on the mode of customization you want it really isn't a whole lot of coding.

just to have buttons for the user to click on would make it easy. If you wanted to disable the buttons that would be a bit more complex, but you could substitute the buttons for a "fill in the blank" type form before the swf loads, and the user can make thier choices.

The problem with this method though is they would be stuck with their choices once made, or would have to reload and start all over.

You can also use the SO (sharedObject) and store individual users choices, do they would only have to do it once. SO's are much like cookies, only they are .sol files (mostly) and stored in the Flash folders on their harddrive. So they don't get removed when user clears cache, which is nice, they have to manually do it, or use crapcleaner to empty that folder.