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10-28-2006, 06:04 AM
Hello all on my web site (http://easyfilesearch.com) I have a search feature that searches other sites for the userís input. I would like to have a top searches section where all of todayís or this hrís top searches are listed and if possible have the ability to censor out inappropriate words. Believe me I know that this is a tall order because when I looked around for an answer; all kinds of scary :eek: words started to show up like php , Mysql , databases, access etcÖ and I am what you might call a complete noob. I know itís probably too much to ask one of you guys to do all that work so I wonít, instead can you point me in the right direction because from the looks of it there isnít one way to do this and some ways are easier and or better than others. But hey if you feel like taking on this monumental task then please donít let me stop you. :D Anyway tell me what you guys think.

10-28-2006, 08:54 AM
There are a couple possible legal issues:
1. Since you are dealing with the "person to person" territory, you aren't, I wouldn't think, doing anything "wrong"; however, this is just because you offer a service, not that what is done with it isn't wrong.
As such, displaying the last search results is suggesting a search for, for example, "copyrighted music", which would be illegal (assuming that were the name of a particular song/band/etc.).
I really don't know all of the legal aspects here, but let's just say you don't want to get sued. Perhaps you've looked it up and you know you're fine.
Basically, my warning here is that giving people the option to search for legal things and illegal things isn't illegal. However, giving them specific things to search for that are illegal might be. As would be with having the latest searches, assuming that even one, and let's face it, at least one would likely be, illegal.
2. Using those sites as part of your own may be against their terms of service. I'm not really sure. Look into that. You are just loading their page into a frame, though, not taking their content and integrating it into your site (reformatting it, etc.) so you may be ok, at least with some of the sites.

Disclaimer: This is based on what I THINK, not the law, so not really sure on any of this. Don't take my word for it, but I'm at least close.... I think ;)

As for the coding end of things--
Yes. Server side code. The reason it's called "server" side is that it works on the server. To store stuff on the server, it must run on the server. Easy.
Javascript, for example, is client side... just can store stuff (in the form of cookies) for the user, not on the server.
So... PHP sounds good. So does MySQL as a database.
Check this out-- http://php-mysql-tutorial.com
Pretty basic and worked for me. Easy to follow.

As for "top search", I guess the best way is to store each search in the database along with time.
Then count up all instances of each search (that's the hard part... not sure exactly how you'd do that... the logic is a bit complex, but possible) and figure out which has the most (again, not exactly simple logic).
It's certainly a good idea to use a database.
Then, add in a feature to delete the records of any searches past that 24 hour period (or 1 hour... whatever).

For filtering, that's easy enough.... just have a "naughty words list" and compare the searches to that, either before entered into the database, when searching (if you want to prevent searching for them), or even in the display stage and just skip the "bad" words and display the next highest result(s).

10-28-2006, 12:19 PM
I never even thought of the legal issues concerning the top searches, what your saying makes a lot of sense... Iím gonna have to look into that. As far as the iframe goes I am 99.98% sure that unless you display your ads along with their ads or make your site indistinguishable from theirs to the point that people cant tell where your site ends and theirs begin or any of the more obvious things , I think Iíll be alright but I wouldnít bet the farm on that though.
Besides I donít get no where near as much traffic for anyone to even care (I think) last time I checked my alexa rank I was well over 3mil:mad: . Anyway I looked at some of those tutorials you linked and boy let me tell you this aint gonna be easy, I think you might of over estimated my abilities just a bit, am not saying that its impossible to learn but thatís a lot to take in I donít mind the heavy reading material however am just not sure if I could comprehend/interrupt it all properly, but Iíll start of with a few small bites and see where it takes me (prison probably:D ), question how easy/hard was it for you to learn Mysql and php? assuming you didnít have formal education .

P.s never before have I had such an insightful replay. I really appreciate it brother.:cool:

10-29-2006, 12:00 AM
Right. Just be careful. From what I can tell, you're just trying to make a helpful site, and you're not trying to compete with them... in fact, in a way you're advertising. But.... look into it.

I'm a fast learner, and I'm really good with logic. I've also had a bit (not that much) experience with programming.
However, depending on how much time you'll spend on it, it's not that hard.
I'd say in 2 months you should be able to have a good handle on things, assuming you're a fast learner...

This stuff is new, and therefore totally confusing. But it's not really that hard. As a programming language, PHP is pretty straightforward. Just play with it.
MySQL is incredibly simple, once you get used to it and start to become familiar with the syntax.

I'm sure you can figure it out.

Note: though it may be hard, there really is no other way around this. ASP is an alternative to PHP, but microsoft proprietary and not different on the coding side of things, and there is less support than there is for PHP since PHP is more popular. MySQL is the only database language I've used, but it's not too bad, and any of them will have some learning to do. I can't really compare, but I don't think you'll find one that's too much easier.

Sure, no problem.