View Full Version : iframe content refresh question

10-24-2006, 03:55 PM
Hello all,

I have a main.apsx page which host two other Iframes (a.aspx and b.aspx).

In the main page I have radio buttons and a configuration drop down list that are used to determined which storeprocedure a.aspx page will call next and post back the info via datalist control. Also in the main.aspx page I have another drop down list with the interval time values for a.aspx and b.aspx pages to be refreshed.

b.aspx page will be launched as an (content) extension of a.aspx.

1)How do I refresh a.apsx and b.aspx pages with selected interval value from the main.aspx page?
2)Would all of the passing values (radio buttons, configuration drop down values) from the main page to a.aspx page be lost when the refreshing occurs? IF yes, how do i avoid this ?