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01-18-2005, 12:24 AM
:D hi guys,

ok first up, i am new here, and i am sort of new to scripting (learning on dreamweaver mx) and web page/html design.

i have read the rules (so if i am posting in the wrong section, could some admin move it to the right place forme? many thanks), and did the search and not found what i was looking for.

what i am actually after is a small-ish drop down menu box (that i can position anywhere), containing a selection of midi that a viewer can choose to play

i searched (google) for existing scripts and found many for midi, but most of them either lacked control buttons (play stop etc), or decided to open media player in a new window, there was an "ampplayer" script (i am at work now will add all the scripts i have tried later when i get home" that's supposed to do what i was after but i could not get it to work....

i was wondering if you guys know of a simpler suggestion for me?
a drop down menu for about 9 midi's, a stop option or mute if they dont want music, and a random/continous play option?

many many thanks indeed guys,
this is my first web page and i am pretty excited about it!



01-18-2005, 05:06 AM

Did you take a look at this one: