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10-20-2006, 01:04 PM
I am sorry if i am in the wrong topic, but i did not find the topic to post my question.
I am new here and my englisch is not so good so i hope you all will understand my question.

about 4 years ago i had a script on my website and the function of that script was to change a text automaticly every day.

I lost that script and now i am looking for such a script for about 4 months but i can not find it, i also don't know how the name of the script was.

So i hope that somebody here can help me, i am not good in html etc. but a existing script i can change to my one wishes.

so if anybody know a script that change automaticly every day a text on the website i would be happy.

And my second question is how i can get a symbol in the url line, like here on dynamic drive you see for http:// a litte icon from dynamci drive an on a lot sites you see that, i want to do that for my site also but i dont know how.

i work whit frontpage .

greetings Johanna

10-23-2006, 09:54 AM
With PHP : http://www.emacs.dk/quote/