View Full Version : How do I make Interactive Print Forms?

10-13-2006, 09:33 AM
I am the president of my schools Key Club, and frankly the handwriting of highschoolers is that of 2 year olds. I cant read the forms i require from them. So I was wondering, is there anyway to make a dynamic form. I dont know how to explain it, so heres the step by step process on what i want to help explain.
The user will go to my clubs website and find a form that looks like any web form.
After filling it out and submitting, the user is redirected to a page that has all the blanks filled in and ready to print.
Ex: My form requires name gender.

Name: Bob
Gender: Male

After submitting the print will come up saying
This members name is Bob and his gender is Male

If that doesnt work, is there any DHTML/AJAX or just Javascript that can make a print page dynamic?

For example the print page will come up saying:

This members name is INSERT NAME HERE and his gender is INSERT GENDER HERE. and when you click on INSERT NAME HERE, you can type it in.


Or is there any other solution to my problem? maybe cgi script?

10-13-2006, 09:38 AM
You could just make a form... and print it (before submitting) with the values entered... that could work.

You could have them type it ;)

Or, you could deal with coding this.

There are a couple things you could do.

1. You could set it up to email to you. Perhaps your host has a default "form mailer", that would send the sent data to your email, and tell you what they said. Then you could print, view, etc.

2. You could actually write your own page in php that would interpret the data. It's not that hard, but would require you learning php.

In short, you make the form. you submit to a php page.
I'd actually use the same page for both, submit to itself.
You could error check that way (if it's wrong, then have them fix it), and then, if everything is sent and correct, output the "document" for printing. Not too bad.

The question is how badly you need this.

Just have them email you or something, if it isn't such a big deal. But the php solution would work great, if you are able to do that.