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10-12-2006, 03:47 AM
I'm trying to set up a staff login for my website, that allows my staff members to edit/imput parts of the site, but still be able to controll how much they can edit. Is MySQL the thing I want?
I posted a topic like this a while back I got this in responce:
"Yes, you would need to have a reasonably detailed knowledge of a database and a server-side language. There's a simple login script in PHP using sessions I wrote floating around these forums somewhere. It can be adjusted to use a database without too much trouble."
What does it mean? How can it be adjusted to use in a database? I found the password login page scripts on the site, that's not what I'm looking for
I googled "User Management in ASP" because I found it somewhere else on the form, but I dont' really know enough about what I want to understand what anyone is talking about.


10-12-2006, 03:57 AM
You are looking for developing a user management system in which database package has a key role to play.

MySQL is one of the most popular relational database package. Server side programming languages such as PHP are typically used in conjunction with MySQL to deliver database information over the web

As you mentioned in your post you want to incorporate a staff login say for example the staff will enter a user name and password whenever they wish to get into your system. Now when they enter user name and password we need to verify that the user name and passwords are matching and valid, so without the storage of username and password somewhere that is not possible. At the time of user registration the user will enter all the necessary details like his name, preferred username, password, email id,etc and you will collect all these information and store them into some database package. You can even go for a file storage but database offers more performance compared to files.

Before starting the development of anything either you must understand what you want or you should know the way to convey what exactly you are looking for.

Your requirements can be solved using a server-side scripting language in conjunction with a database package for example PHP and MySQL can be used to implement the user management section.

If you are looking for PHP based user management systems have a look at the following links

open source scripts (http://www.opensourcescripts.com/dir/PHP/User_Management/)

phptutorial (http://www.phptutorial.info/scripts.php?User_Management)

10-12-2006, 02:29 PM
Thanks, but after they login, where would/should they go?
I was also just looking at Pumma softward, here>http://php.psywerx.net/index.php?router=scripts, and it seems like I need PHP4.1+, What is this and how do I get it?

10-12-2006, 08:57 PM
The requests you are asking a by far too general and require a great deal of information to explain them..

Check out

http://us3.php.net/FAQ.php - PHP related info/updates etc...


Do some research and check out the tutorials...

10-13-2006, 03:50 AM
posted by neoglade.co.nr

but after they login, where would/should they go?

Its purely based on your requirements na. If you develop a user management system, you need to develop it according to your requirements. It is very difficult for us to comment on that.

If you are going to use any third party user management solution most of them supports the customizations from the user part but i think you need a bit knowledge about server-side programming to accomplish the implementation successfully.