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09-30-2006, 06:26 PM
I am having problem with:

Pausing up-down Scroller http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex2/crosstick.htm

Sunday Update:
IE seems to not understand the centering command from my CSS. I changed it to left and the data displays correctly. When IE applies the centering tag, it begins displaying the text in the center of the box rather than centering it in the box. I will now investigate an alternate method to make IE center my text, probably using the <div> tag embedded in my text.

Original Post:
I am tryng to add the double scroller feature of the Pausing up-down scroller script to my wesite redesign. I recently came back to the Mac world and have been redesigning my website using the Mac. The two scrolling menus work perfectly on my Mac in FireFox, Safari and Opera.

I then proceded to test on my PC and found I needed to adjust my CSSs because of Mac vs PC font sizing issues. That was expected and actually, I simply wrote a script that if the browser is running on a Win machine, one CSS is loaded and another CSS is loaded for Macs. That works perfectly too. So now the scrolling works fine on Macs and fine with FireFox and Opera on the PC.

On to IE, sigh! IE will simply not respect the CSSs. The data inside of the scrolling area is supposed to be centered but is displayed offset by over 50% of the area and sometime doesn't scroll. Actually, sometimes IE won't even load things. I researched IE and CSSs and found tons of problems that IE has with standard CSSs and found out IE (err Microsoft) has their own implementation which is non-standard. And guess what!!!! They don't even bother to fix it with IE7. Sigh!

Does anyone have any idea how I should solve this problem? Feel free to check out my working copy of the new page with the scrollers working at http://Buleep.com/new/ but be sure to check it out using a non-IE browser so you can see how it should work.

10-01-2006, 07:37 PM
Solution Found

Well the solution for my centering problem seems to be to NOT use CSSs with IE. I embedded a <div> tag in the variable definitions (pausecontent[0]='<div align="center">Welcome to my web site</div>') of the script and solved the problem. :rolleyes: