View Full Version : Floating DIVs + cookies to remember [help required]

09-24-2006, 12:27 PM

ok lemme begin by first showing you what im up to:

http://goofy-goobers.com/forum (test site) - notice the floating 'windows' they are actually DIV tags with custom functions of the board and other stuff

This floating DIV's script is not from DD
- the 'close window' function is incorporated from one of the scripts from DD
- ill be adding a minimize / maximize function as well later to the topbar of the DIVs

My question is related to 'remembering' the position and the state of the DIV tags.

What I want my users to be able to do is that if they minimize a window - the settings remember that it was minimized by them and leave it that way

If they close it - it remembers : in this case i will also need to give them the option of launching the windows again if needed

Finally if they drag the window to a specific place on the screen, the cookie or session should remember where it was.

So can someone help me with this? Basically I need to use a cookie or php session to remember this if i am correct. And I need the following:

- Remember position
- Remember state (minimized, closed, maximized)
- Relaunch div code for relaunching the DIV if closed

Please I really need help here - I have been reading about sessions and cookies for the past 24+ hours with no luck, I just cant seem to grasp or understand it.