View Full Version : Image Thumbnail Viewer not "dragging"

09-22-2006, 03:37 AM
What have I done wrong... It drags properly one one of my pages, but is unmoving on another.

The page it works fine on is http://www.familymemoriesandmore.com/magazinecovers.htm.

The page it won't allow me to drag the image is http://www.familymemoriesandmore.com/announcements.htm.

I don't know if you need me to post the code here, if that makes it easier, but you can see it in my "source".

Thanks in advance for your help to what is probably a really easy issue!

09-23-2006, 06:51 AM
Probably a conflict with one of the other ten scripts on the page or a problem due to the call to MM_preload that isn't.

09-23-2006, 07:52 PM

What can I do to fix this?

09-23-2006, 09:34 PM
Get rid of the call to the non-existent code. If that doesn't take care of it, start taking the other scripts off of the page one at a time until you find the one(s) causing the conflict.

09-23-2006, 09:39 PM
Thank you.

I've deleted all scripts except for my navigation menu. Apparently that may be the culprit? Certainly it's possible to run both scripts on the same page... isn't it?

09-24-2006, 12:05 AM
There is a conflict in the use of the onmousedown event handler. And you still haven't removed the MM_preload thing. Get rid of it here:

<body background="images/newbackground.jpg" onLoad="MM_preloadImages('addresslabels.htm','images/CANWRAP2.jpg')">

Change this in the Image Thumbnail viewer:



if ( typeof window.addEventListener != "undefined" )
document.addEventListener( "mousedown", initializedrag, false );
else if ( typeof window.attachEvent != "undefined" )
document.attachEvent( "onmousedown", initializedrag );
else {
if ( document.onmousedown != null ) {
var oldOnmousedown = document.onmousedown;
document.onmousedown = function ( e ) {
oldOnmousedown( e );
document.onmousedown = initializedrag;

There could be other problems (in fact there are other errors reported) but, that made a local copy of the page work with the menu script.

09-24-2006, 05:33 AM
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