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09-15-2006, 02:49 PM

I've setup a site with 400 pages in it (in NetObjects Fusion). On each page is a NOF component called Text Tree. I've used it before and it was fine. It does basically the same thing as Switch Menu when using file folder icons. But of course it's internal to NOF so I didn't have to do any coding or setup. It just reads my site structure. Since it's not working I'm exploring what my options are.

I was going to use Switch Menu however the client liked how this looked better and it WAS going to be less work. What I'm wondering is, is there any script out there that will import a text file with the site structure? Or any script that can read a file folder and "learn" the structure from the html files? I thought I saw one that automatically did this on the fly but I'm not finding it. I'm looking for the fastest, easiest way to replace my dead component. It took me a few hours to manually copy/paste all the page names from the client file to the site structure. I'd be willing to pay someone to set this up for me if the price is reasonable.


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09-16-2006, 06:24 PM
There are no file folder icons in switch menu. I may have misunderstood and that may have been a feature of your old method. Anyways, to grab the site structure and write it out as something that could be included on any given page(s) is something that would best be done server side. I'm not all that familiar with server side languages but, it would require that you have something like PHP or asp/VBscript available on the host. It would probably be good to make it an include and to periodically cache it on the server.