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01-09-2005, 02:06 PM
I am using MS FrontPage to create hover buttons (not images). These are hyperlinks to different pages and I would like to include a tooltip which pops up when the mouse hovers over the link. There is no option in the hover button properties to create a tooltip. Does anyone have some html code?

01-09-2005, 11:59 PM
One Button Database Results Wizard Diet
aka The Spooky Diet
Anybody who is familiar with FrontPages Database Results Wizard and who has been involved with any of the online FrontPage communities has also most likely heard of the Spooky Diet.

The Spooky Diet is a technique used to reduce the excess FP_ASP bot code from your Database results pages after they are up and running the way you want them. The resulting product is a much smaller faster-loading web page.

My sample page using the employees table from the Northwind database showed a reduction from 15k to 2k.

That's huge!

I mean that's not huge it's really small, but
"That's Small" just doesn't seem to have the
impact of "That's Huge" has so I had to...

Well you know what I mean.

More about the Spooky Diet Here

So, I was chatting with Spooky via email the other day and he mentioned that a fellow by the name of Stephen Travis, (MVP for Frontpage) had written a macro for his Spooky Diet allowing all the work to be done behind the scenes with the push of one button.

I followed his directions and I got to thinking that this is probably the best tool I have seen in a long time. I also figured that other like minded folks might want to give this a try as well. It's really easy to do if you take it step by step. I have done my best in the following article to try and create a simple approach to achieving the "One Button Spooky Diet".

Make the macro:
The example uses FrontPage 2000 but should work fine in all newer versions as well

Launch FrontPage and click Tools - Macro - Macros...

A small macro editor window will open

In the Macro Name field enter spooky_Diet and click the Create button

The Visual Basic Editor will open

The main code window will show the following code:
Sub spooky_Diet()
End Function

We will be adding a Subroutine and a Function so we don't really need the existing Sub spooky_Diet().

Highlight and delete the code:
Sub spooky_Diet()
End Function

Next copy the following code:
Click the "Highlight All" button and copy (ctrl-c)

Sub spooky_Diet()
Dim innerHTML As String, Webbot As String
If Not FrontPage.ActiveDocument Is Nothing Then
If FrontPage.ActivePageWindow.ViewMode = fpPageViewNormal Then
innerHTML = ActiveDocument.body.innerHTML
Webbot = Ellipse(innerHTML, "<!--webbot", "-->")
If Webbot = ""Then Exit Do
If InStr(Webbot, "bot=""Database") <> 0 Then
innerHTML = Replace(innerHTML, Webbot, "")
End If
ActiveDocument.body.innerHTML = innerHTML
End If
End If
End Sub

Function Ellipse(i, s, e)
Dim f As Integer, t As Integer
Ellipse = ""
f = InStr(1, i, s, 1)
If f > 0 Then
t = InStr(f + 1, i, e, 1)
If t > 0 Then
Ellipse = Mid(i, f, t - f) & e
End If
End If
End Function

Then paste (Ctrl-v) it in the Visual Basic Editor window where you just deleted the original Sub spooky_Diet()

Save the file and close the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor.
You now have a macro, next we need to make a little button for your toolbar.

Make the Button for your Spooky Diet:
In FrontPage, on your toolbar at the right side, there should be an arrow pointing down. If you hover over it it will dispaly a tool-tip that says "more buttons".

Click the down arrow and then "Add Remove Buttons". At the bottom of the drop-down list click "Customize..."

On the Commands Tab under Categories: scroll down to "Macros"

On the right side under Commands you will see the Smiley Button.

Drag it to the tool bar then right click and select "Assign Macro"

Choose “spooky_Diet()” and click OK.
Now you have it. Try it out, it’s the best one button tool I have found for FrontPage yet!

Special thanks goes out to:
Spooky for detailing the instructions in the “Spooky Diet” and being one of the cheif contributors to many FrontPage Communities, Stephen Travis for writing the macro and William Lee for bringing the macro to our attention through posts on FrontPage community forums.

Thanks guys for sharing your knowledge.