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08-07-2006, 08:32 PM
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Advanced RSS Ticker (Ajax invocation)
2) Script URL (on DD):
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I cannot load our own RSS file. I can directly call the bridge.php script to load CNN's RSS, and I can do this from our page. However, our RSS will not work.

Is it an improper format problem? Here is the URL:

Thanks very much.

08-08-2006, 01:31 PM
For some reason, I checked the page again that I posted and it is working properly. Weird.

It seems that the fading is not working in Firefox or IE for this one, but the example that is shown with the tutorial does fade.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

08-10-2006, 02:47 PM
My bad. Forgot about the very bottom of the demo. It tells how to add the fade effect in both browsers by adding code to the css class. It works great.

Take a look here: