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08-03-2006, 11:56 PM
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Ajax Tabs Content

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I've seen a few posts on this topic, but still am unclear on.
The top level ajax tabs page works fine but I also want ajax tabs functionality on the external.htm pages that are loaded from the main page.

If I load external.htm directly, everything is ok. The problem arises when external.htm is called from a prior instance of ajax tabs (maintab).

From what I gather, the call for startajaxtabs() is never executed in external.htm, therefore the link does not dynamically load external.htm

I've seen some posts on pollContent, etc. I tried this briefly but was unable to succeed. I realize that whatever workaround exists, the startajaxtabs("subtabs") call must be done only after the external.htm pages is loaded, after the subtabs unordered list is defined.

I'm guessing someone has already worked around this?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

*I use style.css and ajaxtabs.js

<ul id="maintabs"...
<li> (link to external1.htm) rel="style.css, ajaxtabs.js" </li>

external1.htm, external2.htm, etc.
<ul id="subtabs"...
<li> (link to sub_external.htm) ... </li>

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ doesn't seem to be executed

08-04-2006, 04:06 AM
Thanks to Frederico!


Anyone know of an IE fix for this though? It works perfect in FF but I can't get the same results in IE.