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12-27-2004, 07:04 PM
Script: Textual tooltip Script All

Is there any way to modify this to have an image appear as well as the text?

12-27-2004, 07:44 PM
Sure - where you would input the text, use this code:

<img src="file.jpg">


12-28-2004, 04:14 PM
I already tried that, it didnt work

12-28-2004, 04:21 PM
Here's my code array, it works :)

See the code in bold below.

var content=new Array()
//change the array below to the text associated with your links Expand or contract the array, depending on how many links you have
content[0]='<br><big><b>Menus and navigation systems</b></big><br>Click here for DHTML scripts that help enhance your site\'s navigability, such as collapsible menus, sliding menu bars etc.'
content[1]='<br><big><b>Special document effects</b></big><br>With the advent of DHTML, webpages are one step closer to its cousin, TV, in terms of special effects...'
content[2]='<br><big><b>Scrollers</b></big><br>Up until now, adding a scroller or tickertape to your website usually meant using a slow Java applet. Not anymore. Click here for DHTML scrollers that accomplish the same task with minimal download time.'
content[3]='<br><big><b>Image effects</b></big><img src="image.jpg"><br>Add lightweight effects to your existing images using these scripts. Make them fly, light up, turn static, all without paying the cost of slow downloading time.'
content[4]='<br><big><b>Links and buttons</b></big><br>Add tooltips to your text links, rollover effects to your form buttons, keyboard features to your document, and more.'
content[5]='<br><big><b>Dynamic clocks and dates</b></big><br>Time is never static, so why should your time script be? Enter for DHTML scripts that actually understand this simple truth.'
content[6]='<br><big><b>Text animations</b></big><br>Text have been silent for too long- DHTML promises to free them, with flying text, typing text, dragable text, and more.'
content[7]='<br><big><b>Browser window</b></big><br>Click here scripts related to the browser window and frames.'
content[8]='<br><big><b>Other</b></big><br>All scripts that don\'t comfortably fit in any of the above categories go here...'


12-28-2004, 04:46 PM
grumble, ok thanks, its probably an error with angelfire then, which will hopefully fix once i switch over to a real one :P thanks!