View Full Version : modding a DD script

07-26-2006, 08:51 PM
i like this php photo album, and i think i'm going to use it

but, i'd like to add something to it-- i'd like for the popped-up images to have a Next - Previous option to them. what script / function (javascript or PHP) would i need to use to do it dynamically?

i'm figuring i need to:
determe how to make the navigation. i'll want to dynamically load different images into a pop-up page (and non-javascript browsers can just use a non popped up window i suppose unless there's a better way)
i'll need to have different hyperlinks in that popup, each to represent, or mirror the directory of images... i think? i could do it by turning what i've counted into variables which represent each of the images and assign them somehow to take the place of either previous or next (sounds difficult?) that way-- even if images are added later to this directory, i'll never need to add new html pages for everything to display properly. am i on the right track, or making too much work for myself? maybe i'm thinking about it completely backwards,upside-down, and just plain wrong?

does someone have a suggestion on how i might do this? thanks!