View Full Version : CSS/Positioning/Drop Down Menus

07-19-2006, 01:59 PM
I have been having trouble positioning menus correctly. When I write the menu code, link to the stylesheet, etc. my menus work.

When I begin to add to the page and attempt to do any positioning of the divs my menus either don't work or the drop down moves out of position in relationship to the anchor link.

The stylesheets for the menus I've used include position:absolute within their code so I think there is a link there to my problem.

I would have attached the code for one of the menus but I think this seems like a more basic problem in my understanding of css. If anyone has used either the Anylink or Chrome drop down menus found on this site within their own site and would be willing to share their css and url I would greatly appreciate it. It would help me immensely to see how someone has used the menus and then positioned them in an actual application.