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12-17-2004, 02:40 PM
I could use some help with the DD Backround Image Slideshow......


i have a webpage that has several scripts running at the same time ( DD Dynamic Countdown script II)


in order to get them all to run together, I place in the body command the following line:

<!-- -->
<BODY onload="start_mattmaycountdown(); start_mattcountdown(); start_nwyrcountdown(); start_vlbbdaycountdown(); start_chinnycountdown(); start_mlkdaycountdown(); start_imbolccountdown(); start_valtinecountdown(); start_stpatscountdown(); start_passovercountdown(); start_ostaracountdown(); start_springcountdown(); start_estrcountdown(); start_beltainecountdown(); start_ambbdaycountdown(); start_memdaycountdown(); start_lithacountdown(); start_summercountdown(); start_july4countdown(); start_lammascountdown(); start_tdmbdaycountdown(); start_laborcountdown(); start_ramadencountdown(); start_roshcountdown(); start_dpbbdaycountdown(); start_maboncountdown(); start_fallcountdown(); start_kippourcountdown(); start_hllwncountdown(); start_samhaincountdown(); start_thnkscountdown(); start_hanakkacountdown(); start_yulecountdown(); start_wintercountdown(); start_xmascountdown(); start_srbbdaycountdown()" >
<!-- -->

originally these were window.onload calls to the functions.

now i was attempting to use the Backround Image Slideshow II and it has a function call in the windows.onload line.

i attempted to copy the function as is and only got error messages.

does anyone know how i can modify this script to be able to use it using the body onload line??

any help would be appreciated

12-17-2004, 02:58 PM

Generally, this is quite time consuming work, but if it turns out to be a simple problem to fix, I'll post an answer when you link to the script.

Merry Christmas