View Full Version : Looking for a news automation script or help creating one

07-05-2006, 09:16 PM
I'm about as far from a code monkey as you'll find and I'm not even sure if javascript is the right forum to be asking in but I'll start here. Essentially, what I need is a news script that will allow me to setup an automated way to add news items on one URL and have the script automatically generate a paragraph of news that will show up on another one of my URL's.

What this looks like in practice is let's say I'm creating a new user tutorial to be posted on http://premieretutorials.blogspot.com and I want to have it automatically create a short news entry over on http://renodigital.blogspot.com using the first two paragraphs from the story.

Currently what I'm doing is hand copying and pasting from where ever the original is posted to the main hub which, in a word, sucks. :D

The fact that I have damn near zero coding skill doesn't help, either.

Oh, and to make matters more complicated, I need to do this within the Blogger interface. Is what I describe even possible? :cool:

07-06-2006, 12:06 AM
it is possible. but you probably could not do it. if you are an addmin on both blogs you could set it up so that one emaild you on new post. then you could have some sort of deamon in outlook take the first paragraph and send it off to the other blog. I think you ought to just stick with copy past.