View Full Version : DD Tab Menu is jumpy in IE/Mac

12-15-2004, 03:19 PM
I'm using a modified version of the DD tab menu I for a Nav. on this website..... It still is pretty much the same just a couple things are different.
The site is still in the build phase......
All the other browsers stay on the current tab when the subnav is moused-over.
Problem is that it is Not SO in IE/Mac!!
It jumps like crazy.

Now, I just noticed there is a DD tab menu with images, so I might try that, but can anyone see my problem with IE/Mac and diagnose the issue?

click here to see my nav (

Check it in Mozilla and all others it looks and acts fine....
Check it in IE/Mac and it doesn't stay on the main Nav when you move down to the Subnav...