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06-30-2006, 10:33 PM

i am looking for a scipt that will allow me to open a small browser window in the middle of the pages. better yet, can i give coordinates?

many thnx in advance

i.e: http://www.306090.org


06-30-2006, 10:46 PM
Weird script.

Popups are usually blocked by popup blockers... it lets you load this via a link if it doesn't load in the first place if you have a popup blocker.

Just google for a popup script.

Not sure about coordinates... that's a bit more complex.

Just use mozilla firefox (install if you don't have it; it's worth it) and look at the source. It'll block the popup and let you see what's going on.
The function looks pretty simple.
The coordinates are part of that script... just parameters in the function.

Actually... here:

function popWindow(urlpass,windowNumber,imageWidth,imageHeight,posLeft,posTop) {
newWindow = window.open(urlpass, windowNumber, "width="+imageWidth+", height="+imageHeight+", scrollbars=no, toolbar=no, resizable=no, left="+posLeft+", top="+posTop);
that's what does it. self.close cloes the big window, newwindow.focus makes it make the popup active, and the window.open just opens the popup.
It's held in a function, so the url, windowNumber, image Width, etc can be passed to it via

<BODY [...] ONLOAD="popWindow('main.shtml','1','390','270','226','200');">