View Full Version : help - DD JS menu covered by Java applet

06-30-2006, 05:10 PM
script: AnyLink Drop Down Menu

script: Top Nav Bar I / Smart Menu

Any time that there is an HTML page with an embedded Java applet object, the Javascript drop down menu is covered by the object. I've seen solutions for Flash involving wmode params, but nothing for Java applets. This is really frustrating and I hope someone can help! I will try to attach a screenshot to this message.

I was originally working with "Top Nav Bar I" and ran into this problem just recently. I downloaded "Anylink Drop Down Menu" - a more recent script - and confirmed that the problem happens with any JS menu.

Noticed in this forum another thread with a similar topic that never got an answer; have searched the web with no luck. Hopefully an experienced JS/Java programmer will see this and educate me.

Thank you,
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